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Anonymous asked:

I need some advice? Uh, so I'm kind of a big deal (I have a reputation to hold up, I'm kind of like a huge jock) except I really like this girl. I met her new years at this party (we sang some karaoke it was embarrasing I guess) but that's not the point. There's this musical at my school and she wants us to do it together (again reputation) and I know I'd enjoy it esp w her but then there's also this blonde chick and her gay brother who I'm pretty sure both have crushes on me and what do I do?



Do what makes you happy. Trust me. After high school, you’re going to deeply regret it if you look back and remember that you let the fear of your “reputation” hinder you from doing things you enjoy. At the end of the day, what ignorant bullshit people think or say about you does not matter. You HAVE to be yourself. You HAVE to participate in activities that make you HAPPY. Do not, PLEASE, do NOT hold yourself back from being the amazing person you can be, or participating in activities you love, or dating a person you like, all just because you are worried about a certain image you feel pressured to maintain. Don’t sacrifice any part of yourself for others. True friends will like you for you, accept you for you, and after high school is all said and done, whatever your “reputation” once was, won’t matter anymore… 


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